Little House of Dreams is a Singapore based, homegrown bakery specialising in bespoke cakes, rainbow cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake jars, and other freshly baked goods. We are also pioneers in dessert tables, being the first bakery in Singapore to offer a complete and customised dessert table setup. Our strength is in customising our creations to suit any theme our customers may have, be it something lush and vibrant, sweet and pretty, modern and stylish, or cute and whimsical.

Bespoke Cakes

Little House of Dreams is famous for bespoke cakes that are delightful to look at as well as delicious to eat. Our signature style is a tall cake, dressed up ineither pretty buttercream frosting or elegant fondant designs. The 3 most popular cake flavours are Rainbow, Chocolate Salted Caramel, and Red Velvet. The Rainbow cake has 6 vibrant rainbow-coloured layers of soft vanilla sponge, paired with our famous light and irresistible swiss meringue buttercream. Rainbow cake is perfect to be served at a kid's birthday, half birthday celebration and just about any time you want to create a splash of colour. The Chocolate Salted Caramel is a dark fudge cake, filled with an addictive salted caramel buttercream. Customers simply love the salty kick of this frosting! The Red Velvet is a classic, with the smooth cream cheese taking center stage. Red Velvet lovers often tell us that our red velvet cake simply hits the right spot for them! Besides these flavours, we also offer a hearty Carrot and Cream Cheese cake, and a fragrant Earl Grey cake that is always a hit with ladies.

Bespoke Dessert Tables

When you book a dessert table with us, you can be assured that our creative team will style you a table that is guaranteed to impress all your guests. Having a wide selection of props and wares means that we are fully confident of executing whatever theme you want. Being the first movers in the dessert table scene, we have amassed years of experience and fine tuned all aspects, such that you can be sure of a professional finish to your table. Our eye for detail is impeccable, from the decoration of the desserts, to the printables and of course the centre piece cake. No element is left out, ensuring that you will have a dessert table that is guaranteed to be the talking point of your party. Our desserts are made and decorated by our talented pastry and fondant team, hence you can be assured of desserts that taste as wonderful as they look. We are the brand of choice for not just discerning individuals, but also international brands who demand a high level of quality and service. We look forward to making your sweet dreams a reality, and remember… There's always a reason to celebrate!


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